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ArchitectureMPS is a fully peer reviewed international open access journal. It was established in 2011 as the official journal of AMPS. It is published by UCL Press through the ScienceOpen platform. It publishes 12 articles annually on a rolling basis throughout any given year. It brings together over 200 academics internationally who support through reviewing, editing and administration.



+- Volume 21
Editor: Caroline Donnellan
Study Abroad Teaching: London Architecture and Urbanism
Caroline Donnellan (2022)
Decolonising design Practices and Research: Reframing Design led Research Methods
Jason DeSantolo, Jacqueline Gothe (2022)
Regenerating Under-Populated Areas through Participatory Architecture, Raising Social Capital and Creating a “Home” for Refugees
Sandra Denicke-Polcher et al. (2022)
Displacement and placemaking in design Studios
Peter Hemmersam (2022)
+- Volume 20
Editor: Andy Buchanan
The Optics Of Dispossession: Urban Precarity as Political Art
Uki Linke (2021)
Artificial Landscape : In Search Of Publicness Through Urban Spectacle in Hong Kong
Isaac Leung (2021)
Enchanted Encounters: Moving Images, Public Art and an Ethical Sense Of Place
Annie Dell’Aria (2021)
Projection Art and Projection Activism
Andy Buchanan (2021)
+- Volume 19
Editor: Maciej Stasiowski
‘Globalizing the Local, Localizing the Global’: Writing Space in the Arab Gulf Region
El Mehdi Ait Oukhzame (2021)
Tasteful Bunkers: Shades of Race and ‘Contamination’ in Luxury Design Sectors
Inna Arzumanova (2021)
Revisiting Jane Jacobs’s Urban Complexity in Global Sustainability City Discourse
May Wong (2021)
The Death and Life of UK Universities and the Cultural Spaces They Consume
Igea Troiani, Tonia Carless (2021)
+- Volume 18
Editors: Taylor Metz, Richard Tursky, Lohren Deeg
Roleplaying to Improve Resilience
Allan W. Shearer (2021)
Fostering Innovative Entrepreneurial Design Students
Denver Hendricks, Marina Meyer (2020)
Beyond Discipline: Evolving Design Practice and Design Education in the Twenty-First Century
Lara Furniss (2020)
Catena: Collaboration, Cohesion and Continuity in Design Thinking and Making
Lohren Deeg, Taylor Metz, Richard Tursky (2020)
The New Architectural Studio and Its Consequences
Peggy Deamer (2020)
+- Volume 17
Editor: Mohamed Elkaftangui
A Few Steps Away yet Worlds Apart: A Closer Look at Changing Streetscapes in Abu Dhabi
Abdellatif Qamhaieh (2020)
Place Attachment and Sustainable Communities
Maiss Razem (2020)
Fit for Purpose Community Mapping in South Africa
Nicholas Pinfold (2020)
Building Resilience through Collective Engagement
Theresa Esteban (2020)
+- Volume 16
Editor: Glyn Everett
Accessing the Neighbourhood: Built Environment Performance for People with Disability
Mary Ann Jackson (2019)
Accessibility and Conservation in Contemporary Cities: A(n) (Im)possible Coupling
Albertina Pretto (2019)
Residential Facilities for Psychosocial Rehabilitation: Planning Permit Regulations and Social Inclusion
Evangelia Chrysikou, Eleftheria Savvopoulou (2019)
‘The Open Typology’: Towards Socially Sustainable Architectural and Care Types
Davide Landi (2019)
+- Volume 15
Editor: Michail Galanakis
Dynamic Landscapes, Emerging Territories
Rana Abudayyeh (2019)
Social Housing as a State-Funded Mega Project: A Case Study from Saudi Arabia
Todd Brown (2019)
Assessing Sustainability in Housing LED Urban Regeneration: Insights from a Housing Association in Northern England
Kevin Dean, Claudia Trillo (2019)
Toronto’s Smart City: Everyday Life or Google Life?
T F Tierney (2019)
+- Volume 14
Editor: Silvio Carter
From the Sum of Near-Zero Energy Buildings to the Whole of a Near-Zero Energy Housing Settlement
Georgios Artopoulos, Gloria Pignatta, Matthaios Santamouris (2018)
At the Crossroads of Sustainability: The Natural Recompositioning of Architecture
Miguel Eufrasia (2018)
Locative Media and Sociability: Using Location-Based Social Networks to Coordinate Everyday Life
Michael Saker, Jordan Frith (2018)
Photogenic Urban Landscapes: Towards an Intermedial Framework for Landscape Criticism in the Age of Social Media
Erin Despard (2018)
+- Volume 13
Editor: Michail Galanakis
Border as Refuge: Demarcating Safe Spaces in Times of Conflict
Maier Yagod (2018)
Social Housing as a State-Funded Mega Project: A Case Study from Saudi Arabia
Kyriazis Apostolos, Evgenios Balasis, Nikolaos Patsavos (2018)
Landscape and Consumer Culture in the Design Work of Humphry Repton and Gordon Cullen: A Methodological Framework
Mira Engler (2018)
‘Le geste architectural’; Symbolism and authority in the case of the Centre Beaubourg
Angelos Psilopoulos (2018)
+- Volume 12
Editor: Aya Alphs
Grassroots Agency: Participation and Conflict in Buenos Aires Shantytowns seen through the Pilot Plan for Villa 7 (1971–1975)
Adriana Massidda (2017)
Building a Small Cinema: Resisting Neoliberal Colonization in Liverpool
Anthony Killick (2017)
Between Bare Life and Everyday Life: Spatializing Europe’s Migrant Camps
Irit Katz (2017)
Re-Picturing the “Post-Fordist” Motor City: Commissioned Street Art in Downtown Detroit
Brian Brown (2017)
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Aims & Scope


As a fully peer reviewed international open access journal, Architecture_MPS aims to address the growing interest in the social and political interpretation of the built environment, from a multi-disciplinary perspective. The journal’s focus is critical and original engagement with the built environment but it explicitly welcome interdisciplinary perspectives.

The territory it seeks to explore is an overlaid terrain in which the physical, material and the environmental are critically examined through the prisms offered by other fields. The journal publishes articles from planners, architects, urban designers, sociologists, artists, urban economists and lawyers specialized in land rights, and aims to address the relationship of these disciplines with the built environment.

Journal Themes

The journal sees the definition, debates and concerns of the built environment as intrinsic to those at the heart of other artistic, design, social, media, cultural and political discourses. All our publications are connected by a concern for how these different disciplines inform, engage with and respond to the built environment.

The Organisation

ArchitectureMPS is the official journal of AMPS. The organisation was founded with the intention of supporting academic research on issues in diverse fields as they relate to the design, planning and management of the environments we inhabit. On this basis, it has supported multiple research projects internationally and connected academics from over 30 countries in the fields of the built environment with scholars from the fields of media studies, political science, sociology, the arts and education across the world.


Other AMPS publications
AMPS develops various publications: books, proceedings and videos. They are often connected to conferences.