AMPS has a large team of academic peer reviewers. They are located in over 20 countries.

Reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of our publications they have expertise across a wide range of fields:

Art, Architecture, Cultural Studies, Design, Education, Media Studies, Landscape Architecture,

Urban Planning, Public Health, Sociology, Political Science and Human Geography


Reviewers. Group 1

          Dr. Sharon Yavo Ayalon

          Postdoctoral Associate, The Jacobs Institute, Cornell Tech, USA

          Dr. Lavinia Maria Dondi

          Department of Architecture and Urban Studies, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

          Nicholas Brinen

          Assistant Professor of Architectural Design, James Madison University, USA

          Dr. Katarina Andjelkovic

          Atelier AG Andjelkovic. Head of Industrial Design, FMV Işık University, Belgrade, Sebia

          Lloyd Shenefelt

          Assistant Professor of Architecture, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA

          Vincent Peu Duvallon

          Assistant Professor and Executive Director, School of Public Architecture, Michael Graves College, Wenzhou-Kean University, China

          Dr. Anna Sivula

          Professor of Cultural Heritage Studies, School of History, Culture and Arts Studies, University of Turku, Finland

          Kevin Santus

          Department of Architecture and Urban Studies (DAStU), Politecnico di Milano, Italy

          Nazgol Hafizi

          Research and Teaching Assistant, Department of Architecture, Eastern Mediterranean University, Cyprus

          Prof. Christine White

          Professor of Art and Design, Faculty of Arts, Design and Humanities, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK

Reviewers. Group 2

          Kai Reaver

          Guest Professor, HEAD – Haute École d’art et Design, Genève. Research Fellow, AHO – Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Norway

          Dr. Camila Mangueira

          Assistant Professor, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto, Portugal

          Dr. Ahmadreza Hakiminejad

          Lecturer, School of Energy, Construction and Environment, Coventry University, UK

          Dr. Pedro Bento

          Research Fellow, CIAUD, Research Centre for Architecture, Urbanism and Design, Lisbon School of Architecture, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal

          Prof. Pedro Guilherme

          Full Professor, Department of Architecture, School of Arts, University of Évora, Portugal

          Dr. Rajendra Kumar Dash

          Associate Professor of English, GMR Institute of Technology, JNT University Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, India

          André Casteião

          Professor and Researcher, Institute ID+, University of Porto and Federal University of Cariri, Portugal

          Luca Trabattoni

          Professor of Architecture, Opole University of Technology, Opole, Poland

          Dr. Al Moataz Hassan

          Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering, University of College London (UCL), UK

          Shewli Hira

          Instructional Design Consultant, Kazan University, Russia

Reviewers. Group 3

          Mary Guzowski

          Professor, School of Architecture, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

          Diony Kypraiou

          Senior Lecturer, School of Architecture + Cities, University of Westminster, UK

          Dr. Michele Victoria

          Lecturer,  The Scott Sutherland School of Architecture and Built Environment, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, UK

          Eulalia Gomez-Escoda

          Assistant Professor, Postdoc Researcher, Vice-Dean of International Relations, Barcelona School of Architecture, UPC, Spain

          Andrea S Wheeler

          Associate Professor of Architecture, College of Design, Iowa State University

          Marianthi Liapi

          Research Program Director, TUC TIE Lab, School of Architecture, Technical University of Crete, Greece

          Christian Camacho

          Architect, Adjunct Lecturer, New York City College of Technology, New York, USA

          Dr. Stella Lange

          Principal Lecturer, School of Design, Otagao Polytechnic, New Zealand

          Fernando Jativa

          Teaching Specialist, Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning, University of Melbourne, Australia

          Fangyuan Shen

          Department of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering, University of Manchester, UK

Reviewers. Group 4

          Aki Ishida

          Associate Professor and Interim Associate Director, School of Architecture + Design, Virginia Tech, USA

          Dr. Ian McArthur

          Associate Professor, Faculty of Arts, Design & Architecture, UNSW Sydney, Australia

          Minso Kim

          College of Media, Communication, and Information, University of Colorado Boulder, USA.

          Nikolas Ettel

          Lecturer. Faculty of Architecture, The University of Hong Kong. Hong Kong

          Christiane Wagner

          Visiting Research Professor, University of São Paulo, Brasil

          Lina Ahmad

          Associate Professor and Chair of Design Lina Ahmad, College of Arts and Creative Enterprises, Zayed University, UAE

          Elia Ebrahimi Salari

          School of Design, The University Of Western Australia, Australia

          Dr. Christine Mady

          Associate Professor, Department of Architecture, Notre Dame University-Louaize, Lebanon

          Marco Sosa

          Assistant Dean of Research and Outreach/Associate Professor, College of Arts and Creative Enterprises, Zayed University, UAE

          Sadiyah Geyer

          Lecturer, Department of Interior Design, Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture, University of Johannesburg, South Africa

Reviewers. Group 5

          Omid Z. Rouhani

          Assistant Dean, College of Art & Creative Enterprises, Zayed University, UAE

          Dr. Daniele Campobenedetto

          Assistant Professor in Architectural and Urban Design, Politecnico di Torino, Italy

          Dr. Cecilia De Marinis

          Lecturer in Architecture, Deakin University, Australia

          Luis Miguel Ginja

          Research Fellow, Lisbon School of Architecture, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal

          Prof. Elena Montacchini

          Associate Professor, Department of Architecture and Design, Politecnico di Torino, Italy

          Dr. Silvia Tedesco

          Researcher, Department of Architecture and Design, Politecnico di Torino, Italy

          Dr. Dorotea Ottaviani

          Post-doctoral Researcher, Department of Architecture, Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna, Italy

          Dr. Rebecca F. Kemper

          Researcher. The Center for Research and Evaluation at COSI Science Museum, USA

          Karim Musfy

          Assistant Professor, Interior Design, Zayed University

          Prof. Burak Pak

          Full Professor Faculty of Architecture, University of Leuven (KU Leuven) Faculty of Architecture

Reviewers. Group 6

          Johan Voordouw

          Associate Professor, Azrieli School of Architecture & Urbanism, Carleton University, Canada

          Emily Wettstein

          Assistant Professor, Landscape Architecture, University of Virginia School of Architecture, United States

          Prof. Anuradha Chatterjee

          Dean of the Faculty of Design, Manipal University Jaipur, India

          Dr. Goran Ivo Marinovic

          Lecturer, School of Public Architecture, the Michael Graves College, Wenzhou Kean University, China

          Dr. Jorge Brandão Pereira

          Head of the School of Design, Polytechnic of Cávado and Ave, Portugal

          Dr. Fatina Abreek-Zubiedat

          Assistant Professor, The Yolanda and David Katz Faculty of the Arts, Department of Architecture, Tel Aviv University, Israel

          Dr. Heves Beşeli Özkoç

          Assistant Professor and Chair of the Department of Architecture, TED University, Turkey

          Dr. Jody Nyboer

          Assistant Professor, School of Design, Syracuse University, US

          Maria Irene Aparício

          Assistant Professor, NOVA University of Lisbon of Social Sciences and Humanities  (NOVA FCSH), Portugal

          Jason A. Montgomery

          Associate Professor of Architecture and Urban Design, New York City College of Technology, CUNY, New York, USA

Reviewers. Group 7

          Dr. Karen Frantz-Fry

          Associate Professor, School of Education, Wilkes University, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, USA

          Kenneth Conzelmann

          Assistant Professor, Department of Architectural Technology, New York City College of Technology, The City University of New York, USA

          Rebecca Noone

          Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Information Studies, University College London, UK

          Vincent Javet

          Instructor in Landscape Architecture, School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, Rutgers University, USA

          Patrick Macasaet

          Lecturer, RMIT School of Architecture & Urban Design, RMIT University, Australia

          Ellen Christensen

          Assistant Professor of Visual Communication Design, San Francisco State University School of Design, USA

          Dipti Shukla

          Architecture Program Coordinator and Assistant Professor, School of Design and Architecture, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Dubai, UAE

          Jale Sari

          Practicing Designer, Alumni,  IE School of Architecture and Design, Madrid, Spain

          Dr. Bogdan Andrei Fezi

          University of Architecture and Urbanism ”Ion Mincu”, Bucharest, Romania

          Kirsty Macari

          Lecturer, Architecture and Urban Planning DJCAD, University of Dundee, UK

Reviewers. Group 8

          Dr. Peter Marsh

          Technical Demonstrator, School of Architecture, Technology and Engineering, University of Brighton, UK

          Rui Seco

          Research Fellow, Centre for Research in Territory, Architecture and Design, Lusiada University, Lisbon, Portugal

          Dr. Jennifer Russell

          Assistant Professor, Department of Sustainable Biomaterials, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA

          Maria de Fátima Ferreiro

          Associate Professor, Iscte-Lisbon University Institute, Portugal

          Dr. Francis Chia-Hui Lin

          Assistant Professor, Graduate Institute of Building and Planning, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

          Santosh Kumar Ketham

          Researcher, Faculty of Architecture, Technical University of Innsbruck, Germany

          Dr. Mara Oliva

          Associate Professor, Department of History, University of Reading, UK

          Negar Nili

          Research Assistant & Sessional Academic, Curtin University, Australia

          Dr. Athena Moustaka

          Lecturer in Architectural Design, Programme Director BSc Architectural Engineering, School of Science Engineering and Environment, University of Salford, UK

          Dr. Mengyixin Li

          Associate Professor, School of Architecture and Urban Planning, Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, China

Reviewers. Group 9

          Dr. Kevin Nute

          Associate Professor, School of Architecture, University of Hawai’i, Manoa, USA

          Dr. Jeremy Auerbach

          Lecturer, School of Natural and Built Environment, Queen’s University Belfast, UK

          Basma Altaf

          Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, School of Architecture, USA

          Dr. Efthimis Kapsali

          Research Assistant, School of Built and Natural Environment, University of Derby, UK

          Dr. George Okechukwu Onatu

          Research Fellow, Department Of Urban & Regional Planning, University Of Johannesburg, South Africa

          Dr. Zhiqiu Jiang

          Postdoctoral Research Fellow. College of Information and Computer Sciences, University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA

          Sahar N Kharrufa

          Professor of Architecture and coordinator of the MSc on urban design program in Ajman University, UAE

          Mohana Das

          Research Fellow, School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HKSAR, Hong Kong

          Dr. Ing. René Burghardt

          Faculty of Architecture, Urban Planning, Landscape Design, University of Kassel, Germany

          Prof. Dr. Ivana Matteucci

          Associate Professor, Department of Communication Science, Humanistic and Intenational Studies,  University of Urbino Carlo Bo, Italy

Reviewers. Group 10

          Dr. Silvia Maria Gramegna

          Post Doctoral Researcher, Department of Design, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

          Aabshar U.K. Imam

          Adjunct Faculty, College of Art, Architecture and Design, Ajman University, UAE

          Dr. Christina Malathouni

          School of Architecture. University of Liverpool, UK.

          Dr. Sara Ursić

          Research Associate, Institute of Social Sciences Ivo Pilar, Zagreb, Croatia

          Dr. Prof. Mattia Pistolesi

          Research Fellow and Designer, Department of Architecture DIDA, Design Campus, University of Florence, Italy

          Gail Ramster

          Senior Research Associate, The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design, Royal College of Art, UK

          Ivan Ocampo

          School of Business, Australian Institute of Business, Australia

          Nonjabulo Philanersia Nkambule

          Urban and Regional Planning, University of Johannesburg, South Africa

          Federica Morgia

          Associate Professor in Architectural and Urban Design, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

          Vera Kubenz

          Research Fellow, School of Education, University of Birmingham, UK

          Dr. Qian Sun

          Reader in Service Design, Policy and Social Innovation, School of Design, Royal College of Art, UK

Reviewers. Group 11

          Ani Saunders

          School of Geography and Planning, Cardiff University, Wales UK

          Covadonga Lorenzo

          Adjunct Professor, Department of Architecture and Design, Institute Of Technology, CEU University, Spain

          Dr. Mehdi Ashayeri

          Assistant Professor of Architecture, Southern Illinis University, Carbondale, IL, USA

          Junaid Alam Rana

          Assistant Professor, Razia Hassan school of Architecture. Beaconhouse National University, Lahore Pakistan

          Alexandra Schultz

          Adjunct Faculty, History Department, University of Denver, USA

          Molly Brooks

          International Development, School of Social and Political Science, University of Edinburgh, UK

          Dr. Nevset Gul Canakcioglu

          Assistant Professor, Departmentof Architecture, Architecture and Design Faculty, Ozyegin University, Turkey

          Dr. Luca Brunelli

          Senior lecturer, Mackintosh School of Architecture, Glasgow School of Art, UK

          Dr. Anne Johnston

          Research Officer, Praxis Care, UK

          Thomas Pepino

          Department of Architecture and Design, Politecnico di Torino, Italy

Reviewers. Group 12

          Leda Depasta

          School of Architecture, Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain

          Nicole Hall

          Executive Director, School of the Art Institute of Chicago; Faculy, Architecture, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, USA

          Dr. Abdellatif Qamhaieh

           Associate Professor of Architecture and Urbanism, American University in Dubai, UAE

Dr. Alasdair Jones

Director MSc Social Research Methods, Department of Methodology, LSE, UK

Dr. Nina Almasifar

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Architecture, Çukurova University, Turkey

Sushma Patel

Lecturer, Department of Architecture, Tshwane University of Technology, Pretoria, South Africa

Dr. Emilio Luque

Associate Professor, Sociology II, Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia, Madrid, Spain

Dr. David Kroll

Course Coordinator, School of Art, Architecture and Design, University of South Australia

David Cowlard

Lecturer, Photography & Media Arts, Whitecliffe College of Arts & Design, Auckland, New Zealand

Toby Blackman

Senior Lecturer, Newcastle University, UK

Reviewers. Group 13

Mohd Ramzi Mohd Hussain

Associate Professor, Department of Landscape Architecture, International Islamic University Malaysia

Dr. Sunila Lobo

Research Fellow, School of the Built Environment, University of Reading, UK

Sayon Pramanik

Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture, National Institute of Technology Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India

Naela Danish

Associate Professor, Department of English, Imam Saud University. Saudi Arabia

Prof. Marco Filippi

Professor Emeritus, Department of Energy, Politecnico di Torino, Italy

Harshita Deo

Assistant Professor, School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi, India

Dr. Alina Congreve

Education Lead, Climate-KIC, London, UK

Louis D’Arcy-Reed

Faculty of Engineering and Technology, University of Derby, UK

Prof. Dr. Vasco Barbosa Brandão

Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro, Centro de Estudos Transdisciplinares para o Desenvolvimento, Portugal

Dr. Farzaneh Hadafi

Islamic Azad University, Heris Branch, Iran

Reviewers. Group 14

Prof. Emanuele Giorgi

Escuela de Arquitectura y Diseño, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus León, Guanajuato, México

Jude D’Souza

Founding Principal, JDAP Design-Architecture-Planning, Mumbai, India

Dr. Paulo Mendonça

Associate Professor, School of Architecture, University of Minho, Guimarães, Portugal

Ahmed Kaihoul

Architect/Researcher, Earth Science and Architecture College, Larbi Ben M’hidi University, Algeria

Dr. Kimberly Connerton

Adjunct Faculty, Interior Design, Parsons School of Design/The New School, United States

 Nergiz Amirova

İzmir University of Economics. I Designer: M-art Design. İzmir, Turkey

Dr. Claudia Trillo

Lecturer, Architecture, School of Built Environment, University of Salford, UK

Loukia Tsafoulia

Adjunct Assistant Professor at CCNY_The Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture

Rajendra Kumar

Director, School of Architecture, Noida International University, India

Tiziano Cattaneo

Professor, College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University, Shanghai, China

Reviewers. Group 15

Dr. Katarina Andjelkovic

Director Atelier AG Andjelkovic, Belgrade, Serbia

Anubhav Pradhan

Department of English, Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi, India

Dr. Julia Sattler

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Culture Studies, Technische Universität Dortmund, Germany

Mona Doctor-Pingel

Principal Architect, Studio Naqshbandi, Auroville Foundation, Auroville, Pondicherry, South India

Dr. Ö. Burcu Özdemir Sarı

Assistant Professor, Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, Ankara, Turkey

 Neha Lal

Research Scholar, Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi, Delhi, India

Dr. Alexandra Parker

Research Fellow, Architecture and Planning, Wits University, South Africa

Dr. Maciej Stasiowski

Research Fellow, Jagiellonian University, Cracow, Poland

Dr. Evinc Dogan

Research Fellow, Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade, Serbia

Dr. Apostolos Kyriazis

Assistant Professor, Architecture and Urbanism, College of Engineering, Abu Dhabi University, UAE

Reviewers. Group 16

Lior Galili

Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel

Dr. Nilay Unsal Gulmez

Assist Professor, Faculty of Architecture and Design, Bahcesehir University, Istanbul, Turkey

Dr. Laura Galluzzo

Research Fellow and Contract Professor, Design Department, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Amelyn Ng

Registered Architect, Melbourne. MS candidate at GSAPP, Columbia University, New York, USA

Dr. Farzaneh Hadafi

Faculty Member, Islamic Azad University- Heris Branch, Tabriz, Iran

Prof. Lisa K. Waxman

Professor, Department of Interior Architecture & Design, Florida State University, Tallahassee, USA

Sálvora Feliz

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain

Dr. David Franco

Associate Professor of Design, History and Theory, School of Architecture, Clemson University, South Carolina, USA

Dr. Amin Ebrahimi Dehkordy

Department of Urban Planning, Maziar University, Royan, Mazandaran, Iran

Prof. Joel Olivares

Director, Universidad Gestalt de Diseño, Xalapa, Veracruz, México

Reviewers. Group 17

Ana Miret Garcia

Design Tutor, ESALA, University of Edinburgh. TUI, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh

Dr. Fani Vavili

Professor, Director of the Department of Architectural Design & Technology, School of Architecture, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Evgenios Balasis

Architect – Planner. Independent Scholar / Researcher, Thessaloniki, Greece

Prof. Puay-peng Ho

Professor and Director, School of Architecture, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, Hong Kong

Reem Hamad

Architect, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt

Michelle Oren

Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning. Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel

Dr. Minakshi Jain

Professor, Department of Architecture, National Institute of Technology, Hamirupur, India

Samira Daneshvar

Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape & Design, University of Toronto, Canada

Prof. Dr. Arq. Jorge Peña Díaz

Director, School of Architecture, Technological University of Havana, Cuba

Prof. Dr. Ing. Andrea Haase

Hochschule Anhalt, Analt University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Architecture, Facility Management und Geographic Information, Germany

Reviewers. Group 18

Dr. Mohammad Arif Kamal

Associate Professor of Architecture, Aligarh Muslim University, India

Maella Minaksi González Cetz

Prof. M. en arq. Facultad de Arquitectura de la Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán, México

Ibai Rigby

Project Coordinator, Historic Cities Programme, Aga Khan Trust for Culture, Geneva, Switzerland

Dr. Ayşegül Kuruç

Professor, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Faculty of Architecture & Interior Design, Istanbul, Turkey

Prof. Dr. Arq. Jorge Peña Díaz

Post-doc Research Fellow at The Italian Academy for Advanced, Columbia University, New York, US

Steve Edge

Head, Interior Design, Leeds College of Art, UK

Dr. Graham Potts

Lecturer, University of Liverpool

Dr. Fernando N. Winfield

Faculty of Architecture, University of Veracruz, Mexico

Nicholas Champkins

Course Director, British Higher School of Art and Design, Moscow, Russia

Prof. Dr. Arq. Hugo Farias

Faculty of Architecture, Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal

Reviewers. Group 19

Dr. Spyridon Papadopoulos

Professor, Architecture, University of Tesalia, Greece

Prof. Silke Kapp

Escola de Arquitetura, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil

Kirsty Matte

School of Architecture and Design, University of Tasmania, Australia

 Prof. Kathrin Golda-Pongratz

Faculty of Architecture and Construction, University of Applied Sciences in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Dr Janet McGaw

Senior Lecturer in Architectural Design, Melbourne School of Design, Australia

Dr. Juan Calatrava Escobar

Catedrático, Escuela de Arquitectura, Universidad de Granada, Spain

Lois Weinthal

Chair, School of Interior Design, Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada

Paul Cooper

Head of Department , Critical Studies, Greenside College of Design, South Africa

Arne DeBoever

Director, MA Program. Aesthetics and Politics, California Institute of the Arts, USA

Dr. Arq. Carlos García Vázquez

Universidad. E.T.S. Arquitectura, Universidad de Sevilla, Spain

Reviewers. Group 20

Frazer Macdonald Hay

Director, Glasgow School of Art, Singapore Insititute of Technology, Singapore

Mohammad Borzooeian

Department of Architecture, Eastern Mediterranean University, North Cyprus

Raul Rodriguez de Torres

Director, Interior Design, Escuela Superior de Diseño de Madrid, Spain

Eike Sindlinger

Senior Architect & Urban Designer, Arup, UK

Amanda Breytenbach

Head of Department, Interior Design, Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture University of Johannesburg, South Africa

Lisa Findley

Professor of Architecture, California College of the Arts, San Francisco, USA

Dr David Cunningham

Institute for Modern & Contemporary Culture, University of Westminster, UK

Alfonso Magaz

Architect, Institution / studio: Re-architecture, Spain

Thomas Kong

Assistant Professor, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago & National University of Singapore

Lily Chi

Assitant Professor, Department of Architecture, Cornell, New York, USA

Reviewers. Group 21

Prof. Blanca Estela Gutiérrez Guzmán

Coordinador de Proyectos, Escuela de Arquitectura Universidad De La Salle Bajío, Mexico

Christine Edstrom O’Hara

Assistant Professor, Landscape Architecture Department, California Polytechnic State University, USA

Prof. Christos Hadjichristos

Department. of Architecture, University of Cyprus, Cyprus

Prof. Marta Pastor

Director, Department. of Architecture, University of Camilo José Cela, Madrid, Spain

Dr. Karim M. Ayyad

Lecturer of Green Architecture and Sustainable Development, MSA University, Egypt

Prof. Dr. Yüksel Demir

Istanbul Technical University, Department of Architecture, Turkey

Juliana Ozelim

Researcher, Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, University of Brasília, Brasil

Chiara Chioni

Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering, University of Trento, Italy

Ana Luisa Rodrigues

Auxiliary Professor, School of Architecture of University of Minho, Portugal

Dipti Shukla

Reviewers. Group 22

Prof. Alberto de Salvatierra

Director of the Center for Civilization, School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape, University of Calgary, Canada

Dr. Kathryn Lawson Hughes

Associate Lecturer in Visual Culture, University of the West of England, Bristol, UK

Dr. Athena Moustaka

Lecturer in Architectural Design, University of Salford, Manchester, UK

Junaid Alam Rana

Researcher, Department of Architecture University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Razia Hassan

Assistant Professor, School of Architecture, Beaconhouse National University, Lahore, Pakistan

Rafael Sousa Santos

Researcher, Faculty of Architecture, University of Porto, Portugal

Brandon Sward

Researcher, Department of Sociology, University of Chicago, USA

Professor, Dr. Joseli Macedo

School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape, University of Calgary, Canada

Fidelia Lam

Annenberg Fellow, Media Arts and Practice, School of Cinematic Arts, University of Southern California, USA

Adriano Aimar

Research Fellow, Polytechnic of Turin, Italy

Reviewers. Group 23

Dr. Anisha Meggi

Lecturer and Tutor in Architecture, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK

Katriona Byrne

Senior Lecturer / Course Director MA Conservation of the Historic Environment, School of Architecture and Design, Birmingham City University, UK

Dr. Marie Geraldine

Herrmann Lunecke. Associate Professor, Departamento de Urbanismo, Universidad de Chile, Chile

James Enos

Associate Professor of Art and Design, Chair of Studio Core. The University of Georgia, USA

Triton Mobley

Annenberg Fellow, University of Southern California, USA

Galit Shvo

Senior Lecturer. Inclusive Design Department, Hadassah Academic College, Jerusalem, Israel

Dr. Carla Earhart

Professor of Property Management, Department of Applied Business Studies, Miller College of Business, Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana, USA

Marta Quintana

Researcher, Department of Art History, Geography and History College, University Complutense of Madrid, Spain.

Dr. Federico Camerin

Post-doctoral Fellow in Urbanism, Università IUAV di Venezia, Italy

Liana Psarologaki

Architect, Educator, Creative Scholar. University of the Arts, London

Aurelie De Smet

Researcher, Faculty of Architecture, KU Leuven, BE

Prof. Pedro Guilherme

Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture, School of Arts, University of Évora, Portugal

Prof. Ilda Vagge

Department of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, University of Milan, Italy





AMPS would like to thank and acknowledge the work and insights offered by its academic peer reviewers on all aspects of its publications and conferences. Reviewing plays a highly important role in the academic sector and we very much value and appreciate the time, expertise and effort of all the reviewers who collaborate with us.