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AMPS (Architecture Media Politics Society)

Research in design, the built environment, the social sciences, media studies and education

Architecture MPS

Architecture MPS. Open access. Published by UCL Press on the ScienceOpen Platform.


We partner with publishers, industry, non-profits, academics and universities globally

AMPS sees the definition, debates and concerns of the built environment as intrinsic to those at the heart of other social, cultural and political discourses. It draws on research, ideas, theories and practices from design, engineering, media, politics and the social sciences. It combines these concerns with an interest in pedagogy.

It functions as an open access platform for publication, a forum for debate, a conduit for research dissemination and also operates an academic resource repository. Its academic journal is published open access by UCL Press. It has other books series with several publishers including Routledge and Intellect Books. It has disseminated the work of thousands of academics and brought together individuals, research groups, university departments, academic institutions and various nonprofit and private organisations from over twenty countries.



AMPS is international. It is also explicitly interdisciplinary. It has connected academics in the fields of the built environment with scholars from the fields of media studies, political science, sociology, the arts and education across the world.

It was founded with the intention of exploring the overlapping issues in these fields as they relate to the design, planning and management of the environments we inhabit. It sees the definition, debates and concerns of the built environment as intrinsic to those at the heart of other social, cultural, artistic and political discourses. It sees teaching and research as complimentary components of academia and seeks to support efforts to align work in both areas. It functions as an open access platform for publication, a forum for debate through conferences and workshops, a conduit for book publications and also operates as a scholarly resource repository. It’s Academic YouTube channel is a first in the field of digital scholarship.

Its academic journal is published open access by UCL Press. It has book series with Routledge, Vernon Press, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Libri Publishing and Intellect Books. Its proceedings are published as an ongoing journal series. It has published and promoted the work of thousands of academics through its conferences, online platforms and various publication outlets. It has brought together individual academics, research groups, university departments, academic institutions and various nonprofit and private organisations in over forty countries.


Over the years, the leadership team of AMPS is drawn from several disciplines and fields: academics in the built environment and social sciences, design professionals, public policy experts, third sector professionals, information professions and practicing designers.

Director: The director of AMPS and Executive Editor of its journal is Prof. Graham Cairns, PhD. He has taught at universities in Spain, the UK, Mexico, South Africa and Gambia. He has worked in architectural studios in London and Hong Kong. The author and editor of multiple books and journal articles, he has delivered keynote talks internationally.

Board: Dr. Georgios Artopoulos, Dr Ayşegül Akçay, Prof. Silvio Carta, Laura Sanderson. The role of the Board is advisory and draws upon academics with a range of skills, experience and research expertise. Georgios Artopoulos teaches at the Cyprus Institute, Nicosia, Cyprus. Ayşegül Akçay teaches at Istanbul Technical University and is editor of the Journal of Engineering Systems. Silvio Carta is a Professor of Architecture at the University of Greenwich, London, UK and head of the editorial board of Seoul-based C3 Magazine. Laura Sanderson teaches at Manchester School of Architecture. She leads the first year of the March programme and the Continuity on Architecture Atelier.

Former Advisors: AMPS has drawn on the expertise and advice of leading figures for several years. People to have been part of our board include Prof. Avi Friedman, United Nations World Habitat Award Winner; Prof. Alberto Pérez-Gómez. Saidye Rosner Bronfman Professor, History and Theory of Architecture. McGill University, Canada; Prof. Antonio Miranda Regojo Borges. Catedrático / Director de la Unidad Docente de Proyectos “M” Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid; Prof. Michael Sorkin. Distinguished Professor of Architecture / Director of Urban Design. Anne Spitzer School of Architecture, City University of New York.

Research: Supporting researchers and advising its academic team on best practices scholarly communication is a team of information professionals who collaborate with AMPS on a voluntary basis.


AMPS is supported by an administrative team that operates across serval aspects of its activities: academic, publications, research support, conferences and related events, social media, marketing and design.

Social Media Editor/Coordinator: Noreen Y. Whysel BA, MSLIS, manages our Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest accounts. She holds a MS in Library and Information Science from Pratt Institute and a BA in Psychology from Columbia University. She lives in New York City..

Academic Liaison: coordinating interaction with the academic collaborators on AMPS publications and events are Cindee Hogan and Lorraine Gess. Cindee is an information professional with an MSC in Information Science. Lorraine Gess is an information professional with an MLS degree from Clarion University of Pennsylvania, USA.

Research Support: AMPS has established a unique collaboration with a team of Information Professionals internationally that has supported its researchers, its publication work and, periodically, its events. Over the past ten years the team has been formed by:

Kelsey Milner, University at Albany, SUNY, US; Megan Gribble, University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia; Laura Macala, University of Alberta, Canada; Lilith Lee, University of Alberta, Canada; Sitare Nichols, Charles Sturt University, Australia; Thuy Bui, Northumbria University, UK; Kaitlin Beer, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, US; Ted Minett, Graduate, McGill University, Canada; Simine Marine, Architectural Association, UK; Jeanette Garpiel, Wayne State University, US; Sean Marshall, Wayne State University, US; Arfakashad Munaim, UCLA, US; Maryellen Authier, University of Arizona, US; Ian Roberton, Graduate, McGill University, US; Sharell Walker, St. John’s University, US; Roz Dunk, University of South Australia; Ashley Kelleher, Pratt Institute, US; Ayesha Patel, University of Toronto, Canada; Allyson Glazier, Stinehour Processing Specialist, Dartmouth College, US; Zorian M. Sasyk, Wayne State University, US; Amanda Harrigan, University of Alberta, Canada; Amber Owens, University of Tennessee; Emily Agunod, San Jose State University, US; Aashmeeta Yogiraj, Syracuse University, US; John Pas, University of Michigan, US; Eileen Rose, Information Professional, Graduate of the MLIS Program at the University of Alberta

Production: Overseeing the production of many of the AMPS publications is a small group of production editors. Executive Production Editor, Amany Marey, MBChB, comes from Egypt and works in the fields of data science and research. Mari Kadouri and Eric An are based in the UK and Canada, respectively and work as Production Editors.

Website: Web design and management is coordinated by David Boustead at Site Nine Studios (Web Development for Creative Industries) based in the United States.

Design: Graphic design and visual communication activities are the shared responsibility of LetterPlay and Silvia Boarna.

Editorial Team

The editorial team at AMPS comprises a team of academic editors and production editors, together with a team of guest editors that collaborates with its journal and on its book publications on a case by case basis. In addition, it includes a team of reviewers of over 200 academics internationally.

Executive Editor: Prof. Graham Cairns PhD. MA. B(Arch). BA(hons). IE. RIBA. Miami University

Academic Editor: Prof. Murray Fraser. Bartlett School of Architecture

Editors: Dr. Silvio Carta Ing. Arch. PhD. DE. AFHEA. ARB. RIBA; Dr. Maciej Stasiowski; Dr. Michail Galanakis PhD. MA. March

Guest Editors: Lohren Deeg, Taylor Metz, Richard Tursky, Glyn Everett, Aya Alphs, BA, MA; Mohamed Elqatangui

Coordinating Editor: Dr. Jennifer L. Gray  BA, MA, PhD.

Executive Production Editor: Amany Marey

Production Editors: Mari Kadouri, Eric An

Academic Peer Review Team. Full reviewer list

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