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Research & Teaching Conference

Exploring Academia – From Practice to Publishing
Event Date: June 10-12, 2025
Abstract Date: July 10, 2024
Routledge, Czech Technical University and AMPS A conference on research and teaching
Part of the Routledge Focus on Pedagogy Series


In contemporary academia the boundaries between research and teaching are blurred and complex. Sometimes deliberately. Oftentimes by chance. Other times by need. We live in an age of research-informed teaching, practice-based learning, academic publishing and global collaboration. As a result, we are simultaneously educators, researchers, authors and practitioners. We are place-bound but international in outlook. It is a complex scenario further complicated by cross-disciplinary thinking and an ever-growing emphasis on impact, rankings, internationalization, our social role and most recently, the digital turn and AI.

In this context, the understanding of what we do as academics is far from clear. In the arts, educators continue to practice. In design, professionals engage in teaching and learning. In our schools, teachers are involved in lifelong learning. In the humanities and sciences, what we teach is often the very thing we research. In every discipline, whatever our country, we are frequently asked to publish, engage communities and adapt to change.

Examining this scenario at a conference held in the heart of Europe, the historic city of Prague, the conference builds on an academic history that spans back centuries to one of the earliest universities in the Czech Republic. Inviting in academics and institutions from across the city, country and further afield, it expands its perspective to scenarios regionally and globally.

It seeks to better understand current practices in research and teaching from across disciplinary and geographical boundaries. It is interested in presentations on specific research projects, innovative teaching,  questions of ethics, equity and inclusion, innovations in academic publishing and the impact of technologies and AI on how we operate. In all cases, it seeks an interdisciplinary perspective.

To reflect this, the conference is organized around disciplinary fields:

Teaching & Learning | Art & Design | Humanities & Social Sciences | Built Environments | Science & Technology | Health & Wellbeing

The themes it will debate include but are not limited to:

The transformations of the digital turn & AI | Sustainable practices in research & teaching | Ethics, wellbeing & responsibility in the classroom and the ‘field’ | Innovations in research, teaching and practice | Collaborative projects – locally and globally | Histories and futures in research, teaching and publishing | Models, methods and modes of delivery | and more…

Image: Fredy Martinez


  • Education
  • Art
  • Humanities
  • Architecture
  • Learning Technologies
  • Social Sciences
  • Media Studies
  • Teaching
  • Design
  • Science & Technology
  • History
  • Urban Design
  • Environmental Science
  • Community Studies
  • Communications
  • Information Technology
  • Learning
  • Anthropology
  • Cultural Studies
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Regional Studies
  • Health Science

Key Dates

Abstracts (Early)
10 July 2024
15 August 2024
Abstracts (Round 1)
30 November 2024
10-12 June 2025
Full Paper Submissions
15 August 2025
Full Paper Resubmissions
15 December 2025
01 March 2026


Teaching & Learning
Methods & Modalities in classrooms, studios & the real-world
Art & Design
Creative Practice – Creative Pedagogy
Humanities & Social Sciences
Critical Thinking & Explorative Learning
Environmental Studies
Socially Engaged Teaching & Learning
Science & Technology
Digital Turn & AI in the modern academy
Health & Wellbeing
Student Support & Inclusive Teaching


In-person: Live in Prague, Czech Republic

@Prague: For delegates in Prague but presenting virtually

Zoom: Virtual presentations coordinated by AMPS

Pre-recorded:  Pre-recorded presentations or films will be available permanently on the AMPS Academic YouTube channel

Written papers: In all cases, delegates can present full written papers for inclusion in associated conference publications

In-person: (15-20 mins)
@Prague (15-20 mins)
Zoom: (15-20 mins)
Pre-recorded video: (15-20 mins)
Written papers: (3000 words)



The publishers that AMPS works with include Routledge Taylor & Francis, UCL Press, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Vernon Press, Libri Publishing and Intellect Books.


Conference outputs include the AMPS Proceedings Series, ISSN 2398-9467; Special Issue Publications of the academic journal Architecture_MPS ISSN 2020-9006; Books from this event will be developed by Routledge Taylor & Francis, with short films available on the AMPS Academic YouTube Channel.


Written papers are optional.  If submitted they should be 3,000 word length. Formatting instructions to follow after the conference. All papers are double- blind peer reviewed for the AMPS Conference Proceedings Series. Subject to review, selected authors will be invited to develop longer versions as articles in the academic journal Architecture_MPS or in specially produced conference books.



Submissions & Registration:

Registration Delegate Fee: $420 USD  |  Audience Fee: $210 USD                                                                                       Queries:


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