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Creativity as an Experimental Agenda



Creativity as an Experimental Agenda


There exists a plethora of research on how creativity can impact a variety of agendas within both the creative fields and other disciplines and spheres of inquiry, whether they be internal or external to academia. In examining this, Creativity as an Experimental Agenda seeks original, dynamic, comprehensive, and exploratory projects that inspect and expand upon the potential of creativity for expansive and open trajectories of critical and unique inquiry across a spectrum of fields. Our hope is to foster a timely conversation that broadens the contemporary discourse surrounding experimental creativity in education and practice applied across disciplines.

As a College of Art and Design, we are particularly interested in experimentation as a mode and systematic methodology for the promotion of creative production. What are the conditions within colleges and schools of art and design that can be considered experimental and foster an approach to expanding students potentials and possibilities? Are these transferable to other sectors? How can curriculum and teaching systems be integrated and developed by embracing experimental processes intrinsic to creativity? What are the methods and methodologies that create the proper atmosphere for experimental research and production – whether in art and design or other fields? How can we explore diverse, alternative, and distinct perspectives on how these processes can be successfully adapted to the research and production context of design, the arts, cognate and disparate disciplines?

In asking these questions, we invite presentations from a cross-disciplinary set of perspectives. We welcome case studies of teaching within classrooms or studios; considerations of creative theory drawn from outside academia; examples of innovative teaching practice within the academy; expositions of innovative collaborations across fields, ways of working, and more.


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Research Context


The College of Art & Design at Louisiana State University is a house and a city within itself, a “built homecoming” where art, architecture, landscape architecture, and design form the foundation for a myriad of disciplines that are situated within and surround them. It is a place rich in tradition and vibrant with creativity and innovation. It is a community of diverse people bound by a common vision of a world transformed—made into a better, more beautiful place by art and design.

Here, study is intensive, active and interactive, personal and collaborative. Here, we learn by theory as well as by practice. We develop the technical, intellectual, and spiritual skills for survival in tomorrow’s complex reality and cultivate appreciation of the beauty of the world and respect for all those who live in it.

Our alumni extend the ethos of our college far beyond the boundaries of the university. They continue to “build homecoming” far and wide, along with our faculty, students, and staff, so join us in a warm Louisiana welcome to this conference.



Gregory Hurcomb, Assistant Professor, College of Art + Design

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