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Practice often refers to production—on what is made and how to craft it well—but practice is also about development of makers, community members, professionals, and citizens. Practice is a hybrid—the development of the professionals and their work are inter-related, as is that of the artist and their artwork, or the designer and their designs. This development might require 10,000 hours of practice, might serve as an innovative laboratory of inquiry and learning, might be a connector to other practices, disciplines, or professions (such as health, wellness, psychology) as a way to share stories or help others evoke theirs in the world.

Practice happens individually, in small groups or communities, with mentors or organizations, in designed spaces or at unexpected or experimental sites, as part of community or political action. Practice as a social act, practice in collaboration or through partnership, travel, international education, practice as activism or community engagement. Practice is a role in the ecosystem of social justice, a way of evoking community, collectivity, contestation.

Engagement—the act of practice– can be a critical way of knowing that is of value to all learners. One can engage in practice to learn, reflect, evoke the senses, tell stories, and effect change in the world—or more. International education is also an engagement that asks learners to step beyond national frameworks—and consider their place/responsibility within the world.

In reflecting on these key themes, the conference welcomes contributions from practitioners, learners, educators, artists, designers, and more.


Part of the conference: Learning. Life. Work.

California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS)

California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) is an accredited university that strives to embody spirit, intellect, and wisdom in service to individuals, communities, and the earth. CIIS expands the boundaries of traditional degree programs with transdisciplinary, cross-cultural, and applied studies utilizing face-to-face, hybrid, and online pedagogical approaches. Offering a personal learning environment and supportive community, CIIS provides an excellent multifaceted education for people committed to transforming themselves, others, and the world.

Integral Education

Integral studies are a response to the growing need to synthesize the fragmentary aspects of contemporary thought and culture into a meaningful whole. The integral outlook, envisioned by the founders of CIIS as embodying a creative synthesis of the highest values of East and West, has grown to encompass the study of traditions and experience from around the globe. Integral studies at CIIS encompass all aspects of learning: the intellectual, the experiential and the applied.

Providing an integral education for a changing world, the Institute creates and integrates knowledge beyond the confines of traditional academic disciplines. CIIS values cultural diversity, multiple ways of knowing, spirituality, a sense of community, emancipatory ideals, and ecological sustainability, developing a reflective and innovative learning community. In exploring the interplay of mind, body, and spirit, integral education connects the spiritual and practical dimensions of intellectual life. The integration of the wisdom traditions presents an evolution of consciousness that has never been more relevant and crucial than it is today.


Part of the conference: Learning. Life. Work.

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