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Lisbon. 9-11 July  2025  |  Barcelona. 16-18 July 2025

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Livable Cities 2025 is an initiative between AMPS, the Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, Lisbon and La Salle, Universitat Ramon Llull, Barcelona. Highlighting issues related to technology and media as they affect life in cities, its upcoming conferences in Lisbon and Barcelona welcome submissions from across disciplines and, importantly, from different places internationally.

Issues of interest include, but are not limited to:


From Lisbon to Barcelona

Full Calls

The Livable Cities conference, LISBON, is titled ‘Cities, Culture, People & Place’. Its particular areas of interest relate to cultural readings of urban life and how they connect to multidisciplinary readings of ‘the city’ as a built and social phenomenon.

LISBON: Full Call>> 9-11th July 2025

The Livable Cities conference, BARCELONA, is titled ‘The Urban Experience: From Social Policy to Design’. It is particularly interested in the city and social policies but seeks to explore these questions from varied standpoints.

BARCELONA: Full Call>> 16-18th July 2025

They are sperate conferences, orgainsed by separate universities. They are displayed together here under the banner of the AMPS Livable Cities series. Delegates wishing to attend Lisbon should submit an abstract to that event. Delegates wishing to attend the event in Barcelona should follow the links to that event.

If you wish to attend both events, please submit one abstract to Lisbon and another separately to Barcelona. See Abstract Submissions below.



Transport, Infrastructure & Urban Management: Example themes: Urban regeneration, city and regional planning, integrated transportation, soft mobility, the economies of cities, urban sprawl, managing growth….

Public Health: Example themes: Covid-19, healthy buildings, healthy cities, environmental psychology, walkable cities, design 4 life, sick building syndrome, accessible design….

Sustainability + Resilience: Example themes: Strategic retreat, urban heat islands, resilient cities, net zero energy buildings, the carbon footprint of the building industry, resource use and cities….

Architecture, Landscape, Urban Design: Example themes: Architectural design, landscapes and cities, urban design, retrofitting and renovating buildings, public space design, walkable cities….

Technologies + Medias: Example themes: Smart Cities, digital infrastructures, the internet of things, digital equality, privacy and connectedness, ubiquitous computing, big data and city space….

Sociology, Geography, Anthropology: Example themes: affordable housing, community sustainability, participatory planning, migration, urbanization, forced displacement, cultural traditions….

Public Services: Example themes: Community health services, housing provision, access to education, sanitation and environmental health, design and planning for an aging population….

Urban Economics: Example themes: City boosterism, enterprise zones, global cities, affordable housing, urban poverty, urban regeneration, private-public partnerships, development….

Societies, Communities, Cultures: Example themes: Right to the city, race and the city, defensible space, criminology, gentrification, participatory planning, land rights, indigenous communities….

Livable Cities

Research + Publication Program

Livable Cities is part of the AMPS Critical Futures research program that encompasses a range of interconnected issues, from infrastructure, public health and transport to communities, architectural design and sustainability. In each of these areas AMPS supports the research of academics focused on issues such as affordable housing, accessible design, healthy cities, urban growth, community design, social justice and environmental sustainability.


Cities – Critical Futures reflects the UN World Urbanization Prospects reflecting concerns about growing urbanisation, informal development, urban sprawl, regeneration and the future of post-industrial cities across Europe and North America. Health – Critical Futures engages with global issues such as healthy cities, walkable neighbourhoods, accessible design, design for life, Covid-19 and public spaces, ‘sick building’ research and more. Housing – Critical Futures responds to a global ‘crisis’ in affordable housing provision. It examines dichotomies such as the chronic shortage of affordable housing in London, the displacement of long-standing communities in urbanising China and civil unrest around housing in São Paulo.


The UN Habitat Programme, The Royal Institute of British Architects, The Commission of Architecture and the Built Environment, The Faculty of Public Health, UCL Press, Libri Publishing, Vernon Press, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Atelier Herman Hertzberger, The National Housing Federation, the Pubic Health Film Society, the homelessness charity Shelter, Habitat for Humanity and multiple universities internationally.  More details.


Books, Journal, Proceedings

The Critical Futures program draws upon the Amps publication network based on the journal and book series with several international publishing houses: Routledge Taylor & Francis | UCL Press | Intellect Books | Libri Publishing | Vernon Press | Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

In addition the work of researchers is shared through the Amps Academic YouTube channel, its series of international conferences and its associated  proceedings publications.

Sample Books

  • Place-Based Sustainability: Research and Design Extending Pathways for Ecological Stewardship. (ed) Jason Montgomery. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2022
  • Participatory Practice in Space, Place, and Service Design: Questions of Access, Engagement and Creative Experience. (ed) Kelly L. Anderson. Vernon Press, 2022
  • Urban Histories in Practice: Morphologies and Memory. (eds) Jeffrey Kruth & Steven Rugare, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2021
  • The Complex City: Social and Built Approaches and Methods. (ed) Caroline Donnellan. Vernon Press, 2021
  • Critical Practices in Architecture: The Unexamined. (eds) Jon Bean, Susannah Dickinson, Aletheia Ida. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2020
  • Designing for Health & Wellbeing: Home, City, Society. (eds) Matthew Jones, Louis Rice, Fidel Meraz. Vernon Press, 2019
  • From Conflict to Inclusion in Housing . (eds) Graham Cairns, Georgios Artopoulos, Kirsten Day. UCL Press, 2017
  • Housing the Future – Alternative Approaches for Tomorrow. (eds) Rachel Isaac-Menard and Graham Potts. Libri Publishing, 2016
  • Design for a Complex World: Challenges in Practice and Education. (ed) Graham Cairns. Libri Publishing, 2015


Sample Journal Special Issues

  • Decolonising the Curriculum. Architecture_MPS ISSN 2050-9006. Vol 21 Nos.1-4. 2022
  • Art, Space and Activism. Architecture_MPS ISSN 2050-9006. Vol 20 Nos.1-4. 2021
  • Re-Design Teaching Design. Architecture_MPS ISSN 2050-9006. Vol 18 Nos.1-4. 2020.


Sample Conferences

  • Livable Cities – London. London, United Kingdom. City City University of London. 28-30 June, 2024
  • Local Culture – Global Spaces. Virtual. University of Melbourne, Louisiana State University, Chinese University of Hong Kong. 05-07 Dec, 2023
  • Cultures, Communities and Design. Calgary, Canada. University of Calgary. 28-30 June, 2022
  • Cities in a Changing World: Questions Of Culture, Climate And Design. Virtual. City Tech, New York. 16-18 June, 2021
  • The City and Complexity – Life, Design and Commerce in the Built Environment. Virtual. City-University of London. 17-19 June, 2020
  • Alternatives to the Present – Sociology, Development & Planning. Cleveland, USA. Kent State University. 01-02 November, 2018


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