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Mediating Visions

Challenging Mainstream Narratives through Peripheral Perspectives

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Our mediated society has immense potential to open multiple and various channels of communication. As a result, the world looks increasingly complex. Despite this, however, the idea of a plurality of voices still faces challenges. Mainstream media content, primarily formulated according to Western priorities, still dominates – whether that be in news coverage, educational modalities or cultural phenomenon such as painting, theatre or storytelling.

In terms of storytelling, for example, narrative models are still largely informed by values, beliefs, thoughts and the ethics of a Eurocentric mode of thinking. As a result, solutions to shared global problems that come from other cultures and pasts are marginalized. These other ’peripheral perspectives’ are related to how we learn from the past and how we conceive and design the future. They are key to enlarging our perception of the world – moving us beyond the material and the transcendental, to a broader understanding of the physical and the spiritual.

Applicable to all walks of life – how we teach, how we design, what we value socially, how we care for the planet, and each other, celebrating and learning from these ’peripheral perspectives’ is, in our view, central to a better future. At Cesar School and NIX (Narrative, Imagination & eXperience) we are particularly interested in exploring this question through the narratives and storytelling of the animistic tradition – considered by many cultures to be ‘primitive’. We suggest the term ‘enchantment’ is useful in the process. Hinting at how aspects of ‘reality’ become mystical in everyday life, it is a powerful metaphor that helps to break oppressive structures and navigate the physical and digital realities of life today..

Key Words:

Cultures, People, Media, Narrative.


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CESAR School, Brazil

This track develops themes central to the teaching ethos at CESAR School and NIX (Narrative, Imagination & eXperience)


CESAR School, the innovation school of the Center for Advanced Studies and Systems of Recife, Brazil, was founded in 2015, with the goal of providing excellent education in the field of technology and innovation, with a special focus on developing entrepreneurial skills in students. It has been recognized for its innovative and practical approach, combining theory and real-world application in projects.

The Narrative, Imagination and eXperience Design Lab (NIX) embraces the possibilities of understanding and acting on reality (or rather, realities) through the stories that inhabit the world. Themes such as studies of language, content and narrative design, discursive design and future studies feed into the creation and development of artistic, technical, academic and cultural projects.

Key people:

The key partners for this conference at CESAR School and NIX are:

César França | Victor Hugo D’albuquerque | Janaína Calazans | Eduarda Motta – CESAR School

Leo Falcão | Denny Faria | Marcello Bressan – NIX

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