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Fostering research at the intersection of art and wellbeing, through practices, pedagogy, and social, cultural and critical engagement is central to the Cambridge School of Art at Anglia Ruskin University. It is a theme that raises many issues and covers many areas.

The COVID-19 pandemic precipitated a crisis of care, and therefore an urgent need for innovative approaches to care. The arts were central to those creative responses. Diabetes is an important but sometimes overlooked social as well as medical issue that can, and has been addressed by art and community projects of various kinds. An aesthetics of care is increasingly identified as a key issue in the health sector that can be addressed from various disciplinary perspectives.

Seeking to explore these themes, we ask….

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Key Words:

Wellbeing, acre, art, education, community, research

Key People:

Dr. Elena Cologni is Associate Professor of Contemporary Art Practice and Critical Theory and Research and Innovation Lead for the Cambridge School of Art. She develops dialogic and situated artistic strategies for observing, recording and stimulating an awareness of experiences of the everyday.

Within this context she creates instruments to facilitate the sharing of insights, the location of situated knowledges and arising of new questions from within our relations with one another, place and the environment.


A key strand of the conference: Research, Education & Practice: the Creative Nexus

Cambridge School of Art:

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